2016 Powerboat Racing Industry Awards Announced

The 2016 Powerboat Racing Industry Awards were announced by the RYA Powerboat Racing Department.

These awards were launched in 2015 and are set up to recognize organizations and companies that contribute to the success of powerboat industry. It takes into consideration everything from sponsorships to hosting of events and also safety and technology.

The RYA Powerboat Racing Manager, Jeni Jelf, said that they have really been awestruck by the kind of entries that they received for the awards. This has made the job of the award judging panel a cumbersome task. The awards are given out in the following categories: leading contrition from a host venue, best sponsor for a powerboat racing team and quality contribution made by a marine industry supplier to the powerboat racing.

The award for the ‘Contribution to Powerboat Racing Marine from Industry Supplier’ was bagged by Guille Design for designing some of the innovative looking Class3A hulls. Their contribution has led to the UK being very successful both nationally and internationally in the 3A class.

The winner of the ‘Contribution to Powerboat Racing Marine from Industry Supplier’ is Team WNT. They have been pouring in substantial investment and also having an ongoing commitment and support to the team at all levels. This has impressed the judging panel and Team WNT deserves the award for their outstanding contribution. They were nominated for the award by RM Racing. Team WNT said that they were very happy to win the RYA Powerboat Racing Award and were happy that their sincere efforts were recognized by the RYA.

The Inverclyde Council & Riverside Inverclyde won the prestigious award for being the ‘Leading contribution from a host venue’. The RYA has recognized the wholehearted support put up by the host to host the P1 Scottish Grand Prix of the Sea for the very first time.