Tonci Stipanovic The Second Day Of Laser Europeans Championship Got The Lead

On the second day of the Laser Standard European Championship, Tonci Stipanovic leads. The event is happening in Barcelona, Spain.

First two races were completed on second in Barcelona, where the ‘2017 Laser European Championships’ are being held.

Total 331 teams participated in the event and all Radial and Laser Standard sailors were sent on water at around noon, and divided into two courses.

The first race kicked off with nearly 10 knots and on the second, it decreased to 6-8 knots.

RC projected to start the third race but that time the wind was four knots at that time. Thus, all fleets returned to shore and completed two races.

Results after two races – Laser Standard

Tonci Stipanovic CRO (1-1) began the event in a great shape and won both the Blue fleet races and leading the Standards with perfect score.

Giovanni Coccoluto ITA (2-1) finished in second position giving a great performance in the Yellow fleet.

Andrew McKenzie NZL (2-2) secured the third position and escorted Stipanovic in both Blue fleet races. Continue reading “Tonci Stipanovic The Second Day Of Laser Europeans Championship Got The Lead”

Dragon First In The Bermuda One-Two Final Leg

The first boat to take the line honors after the second and the final leg of the Bermuda One-Two race is the Dragon.

This boat is skippered by Michael Hennessy. He, along with Kyle Hubley crossed the finish line at 9:48 pm EDT on June 18th to come out on top among the 31 fleets. The double handed stage was held from Bermuda to Newport and there were 5 classes of boats that took part in this second leg.

Hennessy is a regular at the Bermuda One-Two race as he has raced in this popular event since 2009 in the Class40 Dragon. You can call him a veteran at the One-Two race. He started the race on the C&C 35 Mk III. The Dragon in which he raced the final leg was a Class 1 boat.

The other boats that made the finish line in the 2nd position were Toothface 2 skippered by Tristan Mouligne and Michael Dreese and the third boat to touch the finish line was the IngioMontou, an Elliot 35ss that is skippered by Mike Piper and Jonathan Green. The Toothface 2 completed the race at 10:12 and the Montoy touched the finish line at 10:21. Continue reading “Dragon First In The Bermuda One-Two Final Leg”

2016 Powerboat Racing Industry Awards Announced

The 2016 Powerboat Racing Industry Awards were announced by the RYA Powerboat Racing Department.

These awards were launched in 2015 and are set up to recognize organizations and companies that contribute to the success of powerboat industry. It takes into consideration everything from sponsorships to hosting of events and also safety and technology.

The RYA Powerboat Racing Manager, Jeni Jelf, said that they have really been awestruck by the kind of entries that they received for the awards. This has made the job of the award judging panel a cumbersome task. The awards are given out in the following categories: leading contrition from a host venue, best sponsor for a powerboat racing team and quality contribution made by a marine industry supplier to the powerboat racing.

The award for the ‘Contribution to Powerboat Racing Marine from Industry Supplier’ was bagged by Guille Design for designing some of the innovative looking Class3A hulls. Their contribution has led to the UK being very successful both nationally and internationally in the 3A class. Continue reading “2016 Powerboat Racing Industry Awards Announced”

Singlehanded Titles Won By Boston College

Sailors of Boston College did extremely well and came out on top in two tournaments Singlehanded National Championships and Sea Star Base Galveston. It was the two day tournament hosted by Texas A & M University.

Scott Rasmussen from Cape Coral, Florida won the Men’s event and Erika Reineke from Fort Lauderdale Florida won the women’s event. Rasmussen is a fresher in Boston College while Reineka is senior. Both sailors competed with 18 other players in separate tournaments.

On the first day of the championship there were a few challenges that sailors came across to. The wind was 4 knots, it was on the lower side and on higher side wind was about 12 knots. The average wind whole day remains between 8 to 10 knots, the sky was clear and temperature too was warm. Thus, it was flat and shifty water sailing. On the first day of sailing; players completed 10 races. Second day weather condition was different than the first day, it was windier. On second day players did 4 races. In all, all the players went for 14 races in the regatta. Continue reading “Singlehanded Titles Won By Boston College”

New Zealand Sailing Safety By Dainese

New Zealand sailing team has joined hand with Dainese the leading sports safety accessories designer and manufacturer to design new gear that will protect crew members while sailing.

The partnership has been signed envisaging the need of safety equipment in 2017 America’s Cup.

Dainese and emirates team New Zealand both shared information about this partnership in a press conference of Motorcycling World Exhibition EICMA 2016. On the occasion, Dainese accepted the proposal of New Zealand team and committed to provide innovative protective solution for sailing.

The Sea-Guard, which is currently used in sailing by crew members, is completely ergonomic and it’s designed to provide protection to the athlete. It is both protective and floating in nature. Dainese will work on Sea-Guard to make it safer by attaching an air bag in it.

Currently they are learning technology used in sea-guard and they want to integrate the D-air in it that will automatically sense the dangerous situation and will open airbag on athlete body wherever it is needed. Continue reading “New Zealand Sailing Safety By Dainese”