Established Records of the Tortola Race

In order to win the Challenge of Nanny Cay bagging the fastest time elapsing of 1:57:16, also breaking the set record in 2015 of 2:33:40 by the Trimaran Triple Jack, The festival of BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing of 2019 got started with conditions that are record-setting for the Fujin and Greg Slyngstad possessed and skippered the Catamaran Beiker 53.

E1 overturned the record of The Monohull, Rafal Sawicki skippered the Volvo 70, and 2:53:08 is the elapsed time which conquered the former record that was set in the year 2016 through 3:08:43 by the TP52 Spookie.

In the Nanny Cay, there was more joy and plenteously of buzz and great vibe near the docks after the boats in classes returned from the close racing. Kent Haeger who possessed and skippered Gunboat 62 Mach Schnell and also set a new record conquering the former record at 2:00:39, and was the first correct time in the class of multihull. Steve Bourne is possessed and skippered The Rapid 60 trimaran who conquered the record of 2015 and set a new astonished it by finishing in 2:19:54.

The crew of a number of eight people who sail together and recently won the Caribbean 600, commented by Greg Slyngstad, “We came out today and the reason is today’s race- and for the record the condition of the weather was good. It was fun and the reason to push us hard Mach Schnell and therefore racing against Triple Jack when they have beaten us in previous times.

The E1 crew did not waste any time with celebration and champagne which was on stage popped instead they conquered the monohull record.

After the win of Nanny Cay Cup today, Pamala Baldwin who is the owner of J/122 was out loud the happy lady in the room and was filled with pride as her crew which is built of new aged people from different places, mainly comprising of Aruba, The Republic of France, England and United States.