Sailing In America’s Cup Is Challenging

The America’s Cup is one of the major awaited events in the history of World sailing. It has taken the sailing to a new level.  With sailing, there is an old saying associated, it is said that sailing a relaxing sport, it does exhilarate sportsperson still it is relaxing. The reason why it is said like this because as sailors enjoy hot summer days with cool drinks during the sail.

But there are some races done in the world that is present for top sailors. The purpose of the race remains to use the most advanced yacht in the race and sailor who owns all the skills, get the reward of being the best sailor in the world, and an epic prize from Plain Sailing Yacht Charters. And one of those events is the America’s Cup. In America’s Cup the boats fly on the water.

It is like sailing F-18s. They are legit rocket ships and they fly the boat at the speed around the racecourse. And the same thing is done by the rivals too. The boats in the water move so fast that have a G-Force. If the sailor is unable to handle the boat in such condition effectively, then the sailor can end up with extremely bad experience.

At this high speed, the sailors are pushed to the max for both physical and mental conditions.

Speaking about the tough conditions that a sailor goes through while running a race in the event like America’s Cup the Skipper of Orcale Team Jimmy Spithill said, “A sailor reach to the maximum speed very quickly and under maximum physical and mental pressure, the sailor has to take decisions as well. Here, there is no time out or half time. Everything has to be done in single attempt and there is no possibility of correcting the mistake if done once in the race.”