Singlehanded Titles Won By Boston College

Sailors of Boston College did extremely well and came out on top in two tournaments Singlehanded National Championships and Sea Star Base Galveston. It was the two day tournament hosted by Texas A & M University.

Scott Rasmussen from Cape Coral, Florida won the Men’s event and Erika Reineke from Fort Lauderdale Florida won the women’s event. Rasmussen is a fresher in Boston College while Reineka is senior. Both sailors competed with 18 other players in separate tournaments.

On the first day of the championship there were a few challenges that sailors came across to. The wind was 4 knots, it was on the lower side and on higher side wind was about 12 knots. The average wind whole day remains between 8 to 10 knots, the sky was clear and temperature too was warm. Thus, it was flat and shifty water sailing. On the first day of sailing; players completed 10 races. Second day weather condition was different than the first day, it was windier. On second day players did 4 races. In all, all the players went for 14 races in the regatta.

Scott Rasmussen won Glen S. Foster Trophy by finishing in first place. In history of Boston College sailing this is the first time that it has won this title. Even, this was first national tournament of Rasmussen.

Talking about his journey from participation in event to winning of trophies, Rasmussen said “We practiced a lot before the championship and thus I was confident. There was no nervousness in me. I just kept my focus on sailing and did it.”

“The event was challenging and there were lots of competitors but, all of us had great fun playing in the championship as we all were of each other. With this event Boston got win in every college championship” says Rasmussen.